Healthy chocolate

Oh yes, and not your 'chocolate makes your brain enormous, prolongs your life and cures split ends' clickbait but actually chocolate using health conscious ingredients and high cocoa properties to enrich ones diet when having a treat.

Recently at James Chocolates we've been experimenting with the following:

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, packed full of nutrients, Omega 3, antioxidants and protein. Blend chia seeds with low sugar, high cocoa dark chocolate and you have a naturally delicious product that’s bursting with healthy goodness. We’ve made these tasty shards with a textured finish for added visual appeal.

Super healthy green tea makes for an attractive chocolate that is also very good for you. The rich green colour and delicate flavour work well with white chocolate. We’ve put this filling into green coloured chocolate cups speckled with milk chocolate.

Do you know what’s even lower in sugar than dark chocolate? High cocoa milk chocolate of course! Dark chocolate is mainly made up of cocoa solids and sugar, so a 70% bar is roughly 70% cocoa, 30% sugar. High cocoa milk chocolate has cocoa, sugar and milk. So a 60% cocoa milk chocolate may contain 20% milk and only 20% sugar, much less than a 70% cocoa dark. So to decrease the sugar content of milk chocolate, just increase the cocoa content.

And finally….. high protein is considered healthy by many and the newest protein source appearing on the market is insect. You may have seen Cricket powder on restaurant menus - check out Wahaca’s cricket brownie. These moulded chocolate bugs contain mealworms! Full of protein and with a pleasing crunchy texture they make a tasty and healthy snack. This sweet and savoury combination is also very on trend (think salted caramel, sea salt chocolate etc). Decorated with blue and green shimmer these bugs are as attractive as they are healthy.

Pretty cool eh? If you are a trade, manufacturer, wholesaler type and interested in knowing what is inspiring James at the moment then sign up for our Inspire Boxes by filling out this form.

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