Breaking (chocolate) news...

You may have noticed a rise in the trend for the mighty chocolate dome lately and it's no surprise, these elegant pieces of chocolate architecture are not only strikingly beautiful but incredibly versatile too. Below are three currently popular uses of these 'wow' factor dessert toppers.

Smash cake chocolate domes

Brilliant for kids birthday parties, a step on from smash cakes*. The birthday girl or boy blows out the birthday cake candles (important) and then POW! smashes the chocolate dome on top to reveal a treasure trove of sweets and treats atop the cake. Like a messy chocolatey pinata. Brilliant.

*young baby, usually 1st birthday gets a cake to smash fists into, seemingly excellent fun - unsure why this is frowned upon for grown ups

Melting chocolate domes

Not only do chocolate domes add flare and drama to desserts it is also enormously fun and gloriously delicious to watch your beautiful dome turn into a squidgy puddle of yum. Add to that the bonus of getting a jug of hot and complementing sauce in a choice of flavours, this makes a melting chocolate dome an impressively versatile and diverse dessert.

Which is not an easy thing to say with a mouthful of melted chocolate.

Aperture chocolate domes

A dramatic and beautiful way to frame a dessert. It could be a dome with a window cut into it that holds a preview of the delights to come. Or a delicate chocolate cage encasing a decadent treat. Either way it's a deliciously edible theatre set. (No reason why you can't pour hot sauce on these either in my opinion).

We hope you enjoyed this snippet on what we're currently finding most interesting in the world of chocolate and all her delights. Catch up soon!


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