James conquers Snowdon

Last weekend our mighty leader James, took on a mountain. And won.

Now most people think, I fancy a nice brisk walk how about we tackle one of those big hills over there? Oh no, not James.

Okay, how about we stroll up the highest peak in England and Wales? Stroll? says James.

Hmm, okay I'll take on a challenge. We will RUN up that mountain. Now you're talking! says James.

In a Man vs Mountain 20 mile race up and down Snowdon? YES! says James

And we will come TWENTY SECOND out of 1200 entrants? I surprised myself James says modestly.

And indeed he did, he even emailed the website to make sure they'd gotten the result correct. A MASSIVE congratulations from everyone at James Chocolates HQ, we couldn't be prouder. It was an enormous feat, with hours of training and dedication. Below are some of pictures of the incredible challenge. We'll have another post shortly where James shares his chocolate based (of course) homemade energy snacks that were probably entirely responsibly for his amazing result.

Just some mascara and stuff

Ready to go


Would anyone notice if....

This has been a terrible mistake.

The conquerer! Half man half goat.


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