'Party on, eggcellent!'

Working in a chocolate factory always sounds like good fun and it usually it is but is governed by the two gravitational forces of Christmas and Easter. It can get very busy and jolly messy at times.

Here in Somerset, the dust is beginning to settle on another hectic and fun-packed Easter. We've sold out of many of our eggs and treats and callers at our door will snap up the last of the seasonal deals on handmade chocolate.

If you're yet to order or have just done so, we are accepting orders on Thursday 2 April and will be making next day deliveries on Good Friday.

Tomorrow will be a special annual celebration for us. Each year James challenges all the staff to make their own Easter egg and design it in a unique and personal way. It's also the proper start of our 20th birthday celebrations - a party we intend to drag out across 2015.

The James Easter Egg Challenge presents the chocolate making team with a chance to truly show off, for the packing team to get competitive with the chocolate makers and for the sales team to make a mess and so demonstrate why they are best using a phone or a keyboard rather than a piping bag. This is how we have fun in rural Somerset.

Proceedings were kicked off this week by our colleague Catherine who created the egg below to celebrate our 20th birthday. It features 37 chocolate discs in eight signature flavours and we gave it away via Facebook. If you missed the chatter, stay tuned for similar treats.

When we've completed the James Egg Challenge, we'll post up pictures of some of the best and maybe the worst too. And if you've got ideas for Easter treats or just want to share pictures of your chocolate fun, find us on social media.

This is not Wayne's World, it's James' World. Party on, eggcellent!


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