Chocolate Decorations for Desserts & Cakes

Are you a dessert company or food service distributor looking to create a new, inventive dessert then we can help!

We produce creative chocolate decorations to make your desserts, cakes and confections stand out. 

Our strong expertise and knowledgeable chocolatiers can produce new and innovative concepts in our modern production facility in Somerset.

Our customers have given us all sorts of challenges, from imaginative shapes to funky flavours such as chocolate snowballs, baubles, melting domes, smash domes, discs plus much more.


    Our expertise covers:
  • Custom moulded shapes and decorations 

  • Chocolate shells ready to fill or decorate

  • Filled and flavoured chocolate shapes

  • Cake toppers & discs

  • Smash cake  & melting domes

  • Packaging solutions

  • Mould design


Case Studies & Testimonials


Our cake making customer required a decoration for a new cake for their customer. They explained the cake flavour and we developed some concepts to give visual appeal and match the flavour profile of the cake. After sampling the proposals a white chocolate disc topped with freeze dried raspberry was chosen. These were required in packs of discs ready to top each cake. We developed a packaging solution that kept the discs fresh and in the required pack size. The cake was a great success.

“James chocolates were just what we were looking for - a manufacturer who could work with us to deliver a solution to make our cakes stand out” - Head of NPD, Cake Maker

Chocolate discs
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Chocolate filled baubles

A Christmas dessert that was featured in the supermarket's TV adverts. We developed a shape, designed the mould and a mechanism for the dessert maker to be able to fill a hollow shell. A packaging solution was created to help the customer to fill the shape quickly and easily with minimal handling. The product was so successful it ran for 4 seasons. In the later season we gold lustred the product to speed up process for the manufacturer. 

“Having explained what we wanted James Chocolates were able to use their skills and innovation to create a fantastic product” - NPD controller, dessert manufacturer.

Melting chocolate dome for major supermarket

A showpiece top of the range Christmas dessert chocolate dome for major supermarket. A project that required custom moulds, decoration design and extensive testing to ensure it would behave as required (i.e. melt!). These fragile items also required custom packaging designed to ensure they would transit successfully. The project was so successful a smaller mini version was developed too. 

“This was a very high profile project and for us it was business critical. James and his team worked with us to ensure everything ran smoothly” - MD, dessert manufacturer.

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