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From your brief to finished product, we provide the solution.

We are experts at creating chocolate solutions for our customers and can create items such as:

  • Hand moulded chocolate shells to fill with dessert e.g. bells, igloos, sandcastles, presents or any mouldable shape.
  • Spun hollow items such as Easter eggs and any other shapes. These can be sealed items or have an aperture through which to fill e.g. with mousse.
  • Solid moulded shapes such as decorations e.g. flames, penguins, stars etc, either plain, decorated, flavoured or filled.
  • Filled shapes and bi colour / flavour items e.g. slabs half milk and half dark or thin discs with a filling.
  • Custom mould manufacture to produce items as above.
  • We can work with many different types of chocolate to meet your customers needs.
  • We can also produce flavoured items and have many years experience producing great tasting flavour combinations and have won many awards.

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